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Band Program

Westside Academy has a tradition of excellence in its Band programs which includes a 51 member Concert Band and an 18 member Jazz Band.
The band program exists as a curricular course to complement academic and other curricular programs and is taught by a trained music teacher with a passion, commitment and ability to draw out the very best in each student who plays in Band.

The program has the added benefit of engaging parents in the educational program and the school life of their children.

Participation in Band acknowledges the value of the contribution of each student even with whom improvements in musical ability come in small increments.
Annually, the Westside Academy Band program participate in a joint Workshop initiative with another local school in which the goal is to build on individual and collective musical skill sets under the direction of a guest conductor.

Additionally, the Concert Band has participated in the local MusicFest Fanfare every April since 2007, receiving both Silver and Gold awards, as well as three invitations to the National MusicFest Canada Festival. They often receive praise for the collaboration between the new and the more experienced players. The older Band members do so much to help the young ones along.

The music bands have also provided entertainment for the Seniors’ Golden Social Tea, as well as performing in some of the school’s annual Christmas Concerts.

A highlight for our annual winter and year-end events, the Band draws on the support of parents and students alike, receiving enthusiastic applause at each performance.

Chapel and Light Group

Chapel is considered an important part of the educational ministry at Westside Academy.
Students have the opportunity to learn leadership skills by participating in the worship or technology team as well as participate in other aspects of chapel, such as student drama or human video presentations.

On special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter, the entire school assembles to celebrate.